3 Minute Charity Offers a One-Stop-Shop of Simple & Powerful Website Tools

In their pitch to potential customers 3 Minute Charity said We're not going to go away! Our website and donor software product is build on very popular open source software packages, backed by a community of thousands of users, testers and developers. Unfortunately sometime after 2012 this site's domain expired and they did disappear.

Their boast of "Create a Website online in 3 Minutes!" seemed a bit unrealistic. Probably more that a bit. I am part of a team that handles custom application development for companies requiring specialized, industry-specific needs that are usually outside the scope of the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) programs many companies end up purchasing. When a business utilizes COTS software, they’re at now at the whim of the company that built the software. I always shudder when I imagine the disruptions that could occur if the company's COTS software were discontinued? Most likely they would be required to purchase some unexpected expensive upgrades, have to get a whole new COTS program, or in the worst scenario, go out of business. The custom business and web application development that we do for clients is actually owned by them. They can keep the programs and tools as long as they like. Custom software development alleviates concerns that the everyday programs a company relies on will suddenly not be available anymore. Of course most small non profits couldn't afford the specialized programing I do. However, I would hope that they consider something more robust than a CMS that says they could build their website in 3 minutes.

However, when I saw that their domain was once again available I decided to buy it with the the goal of recreating the content from its archived pages. 3 Minute Charity was a great idea and by resurrecting the site I am hoping someone else will be inspired to create software or a CMS that is also designed specifically for non-profits, membership and advocacy organizations.

Nonprofit Solutions

Solutions for Organizations

Think you don't have the time, resources or technical know-how to create, manage and promote a successful website?

Think again. Designed from the ground up for non-profits, membership and advocacy organizations, 3 Minute Charity offers a one-stop-shop of simple yet powerful website, member, activist, staff, vendor, volunteer, charity software and donor management tools that make it easy to grow your charity organization online. Best of all, they're simple. Just like our name. You can:

  • Create a Website online in 3 Minutes!
  • Online charity software, nothing to download!
  • No Computer Skills Needed!
  • Add E-Commerce & PayPal & Others!
  • Free Live Support!
  • Unlimited Free Website Updates!
  • Non Profit Hosting Included!
  • Free Interactive Polls!
  • Use our Designs or Create Your Own!
  • Search Engines!
  • Donor Management Software, Online Donations, Event Registrations! 


3 Minute Charity is designed to help nonprofit professionals like you get your job done -- manage all of your constituents, donors, volunteers, new contacts and just about anyone else who supports your mission. Quickly, easily, efficiently, and with more flexibility than you ever thought was possible.

With 3 Minute Charity, you'll have time to focus on your mission, not your technology.  Explore our solutions:

  • Website Content Management System (CMS)
  • Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Events & Online Registration
  • Fundraising & Donations
  • eCommerce
  • Social Networking
  • Mobile Website
  • Google Grants Campaign Management



Charity Fundraising Management Software with Website!

Why 3 Minute Charity?
First of all, you'll get a professional website.

Our software is designed from the ground up for non-pro‑fits, membership and advocacy organizations, unlike most other CRM software.  Rather than trying to adapt to a commercial sales-force automation model, our donor management software gives you familiar terms and concepts.

We're not going to go away. Our website and donor software product is build on very popular open source software packages, backed by a community of thousands of users, testers and developers.

Over 1,000 individuals and companies are actively involved in Joomla! development.  Not many proprietary CRM or donor management software companies could possibly ever have this many staff members actively working on their closed-source product.

With our easy-to-use website builder tool based on a modified, friendlier-to-use Joomla! CMS, 3 Minute Charity makes it fast and easy to increase your website traffic, collect contributions online, manage your membership, promote your events and fundraisers, and stay connected to your constituents and prospects.

Updating text, images, videos, and even the entire look of your website is simple with 3 Minute Charity, not to mention affordable!

Sign up for a FREE trial (no credit card required), get your own website instantly, and see for yourself how easy we've made creating, building and updating your site.  You simply won't find a better value for your money!
Sign up for a FREE personal demo to experience the benefits of our software!


Fundraising Management Software Features

Quickly and easily create your organization's website without any technical knowledge.

  • Hosting is included, as are version upgrades and security maintenance.
  • Use your own domain name (www.yourorg.org) and create professional emails for your staff.
  • Add YouTube videos & images directly into your content.
  • Users can register with a username and password.  Create a back-end section of your website where only registered users can access certain information (such as your volunteers, staff, special news for your constituents/members, etc.).
  • Easily create/edit/delete/move website pages with our WYSIWYG Page Editor (What You See Is What You Get).
  • Sell banner advertisements to appear on your website.  Track click-throughs.
  • Set up contact forms to minimize spam to your email addresses.
  • Poll your website visitors on important issues.
  • Syndicate your website content with RSS feeds.
  • Plug in social media links.
  • NEW! Create a private, branded social network for your volunteers/members/constituents.



Track and manage contributions to your organization.
Quickly and easily create customized web pages to accept online donations.


Integrated online event registration and management for paid and free events.
Create customized web pages for event registration, and then track participants. Mobile-ready!

Membership Directory

Flexible membership management for your organization, allowing you to display everything from a membership directory to specific member profiles.


Open an online store selling goods or services.  Your customers check out via PayPal, so you don't have to worry about getting paid.  Another creative way to fundraise on the web!